Welcome to our new series "Meet the Musician" where each week we'll go behind the scenes with an exclusive interview with a member of the orchestra. Ever wonder how they got involved with music in the first place? How they became Cal Phil members? What they do in their "spare" time? Check out our new "Meet the Musician" series, conducted by staff writer Christina Linhardt, which will be sent out on the weekly e-blast.  Just like Netflix, only more exciting!



Christina Linhardt
Cal phil staff writer

About The Author

Christina grew up in the classical music world, commuting between Los Angeles, Vienna, Frankfurt and Zurich during childhood. She was fortunate enough to attend her first opera at Bayreuth at the tender age of 12 (as Gottfried Wagner, great-grandson of Richard, was a close friend of her father). Christina attended Hamilton Music Academy during High School, while playing flute/piccolo for the California Junior Symphony (Peter Meremblum), the LA Philharmonic and the All-State Honor Band. She graduated from USC with a Bachelor's in Music Vocal Arts and works as a chanteuse locally (LA Opera Ring Festival, The Grove, Hollywood Magic Castle) a well as in Dresden, Germany.

As a writer Christina has written concert reviews for SoCal papers and journals, has been published as a playwright for Applause Publishing and wrote and produced the Hollywood FAME Award winning documentary "Guantanamo Circus". Believing in the healing power of the arts, Christina

teaches writing and improvisation as therapy workshops to PTSD Veterans at the VA, Alzheimer's patients and At-risk youth through the Imagination Workshop (UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience) and the BRIDGE Theater Program.