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August 03 at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Let your imagination run wild
The Lion King • Beauty & The Beast • The Little Mermaid
Sorcerer’s Apprentice • Firebird Suite

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Santa Anita Racetrack 

5 concerts performed al fresco by Maestro Victor Vener and Cal Phil at SantaAnita Race Track. Incredible artists, thrilling performances and SoCal’s mostbeautiful outdoor music venue—Wow!

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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Maestro Victor Vener and Cal Phil take LA’s premiere music destination--Walt Disney Concert Hall--by storm for 5 unforgettable matinée concerts featuring powerful music and phenomenal artists.

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Get Involved 

Cal Phil Volunteers bring truly special magic to every show. Your participation is key to our success, be it sorting music, answering phones or a leadership position in concert production. Join us!

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