Thank you to our supporters!

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The beauty of the philharmonic is captured when talented artists join together and combine their thousands of practice hours to perform a masterpiece. It requires discipline, unity, and teamwork from musicians who have mastered their instruments. When the individual sounds come together to create harmony and to produce an overtone that can be felt, they communicate emotions beyond words for each listener blessed to experience the magic.

Though we are not creating music, as a supporter of the California Philharmonic, U.S. Mailing House’s hundred plus employees work together every day to create a form of art that speaks to our audience. We put to physical shape communications and messaging and deliver them to your residence on behalf of various organizations across the U.S. In the same way the philharmonic combines notes and sounds, we formulate words and colors to create micro-works of art.

Think of the excitement you felt when you received that long-awaited letter from a distant loved one or for an acceptance letter to arrive in the mail. As you tore open the envelope and read the contents, it filled your heart in a way that no other message could. It is from this understanding which motivates U.S. Mailing House to partner with the California Philharmonic each year. We know that if we help them fill the seats, the beauty of their music uplifts the lives of those who attend.

You can visit US Mailing House online here, or call (888) 317-0879