A Note From Aline Sardao


On September 28, 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a field trip to Blair High School in Pasadena. Blair High School holds a program to teach music to severely disabled children. It was through the amazing Valerie Loskota, who volunteers her time to bring joy and hope through music to those kids, that I was able to share this experience with Blair High School’s wonderful students.

I spent one hour teaching the students about how an orchestra works. We did dynamics, accelerandos and ritardandos. I even had a concertmistress. The children sang, danced and smiled while the music carried them away. At the end of our performance there was an explosion of clapping and celebration.

It is incredible to see how powerful music is and the emotion it evokes. I watched as these kids, with very low capability of movements, dance to the sound of me tapping the tambourine. I saw a child, who could barely control the movements of his arms, focus on playing the bell at my cue. It was heartwarming.

I am humbled to have had this opportunity to teach such amazing young students and look forward to more opportunities to help make a difference in these kids’ lives.